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This precious moment, choosing to be here, right now.
  There is more on my mind than seems humanly possible at the moment. The entirety of the known Universe might as well be spinning around inside my head. I have so many insights that I want to share, ideas that I want to manifest, and feelings that I must confess. There are too many to put into words, and they take flight on the wind like hundreds of seedlings searching for places to take root. So many possibilities, so much potential. Impossible to focus on just one, but there is a joyousness to their chaotic dance. There is a freedom. That is the feeling. Total freedom. Infinite. If my heart were a flame, the fresh breeze would be feeding it and bringing it back to life. My soul is engulfed, and I will arise from the ashes whole and pure. Fucking freedom. The key ingredient in my transformation. For lack of a better term, "fuck yeah". The fire, it burns. The wind, it howls. It's an inferno, burning up everything around me that has kept me imprisoned. I scream in pain and ecstasy simultaneously. I fucking roar. There I am, and here I have always been. Let the fire take it all, let the wind feed it with so much life, that nothing remains, and the new growth can begin again. 

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And how are you, now? Now that things have settled. Now that life has returned to somewhat normal? Do you still feel new and shiny? <3

New and shiny in CowTowne! ^_^

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